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Using LAVet To Hold on To Your Husband Tightly!!

  • LAVet easily gets rid of bad vaginal odour and restores the natural feminine juices and flora making a Lady more appealing to her partner. It fights vaginal dryness, preventing yeast infections and It is also a treatment for that excessive white or yellow vaginal discharge (Leucorrhoea). LAVet boosts the overall vaginal health, by promoting healthy natural lubrication to enhance sexual pleasure. It improves the grip contact vagina has with the male organ by tightening and toning vaginal canal.

  • LAVet herbal Liquid strengths pelvic cavity muscles in the pelvic floor of the female genital. It contracts the vagina comfortably, getting the lady to experience more sexual pleasures and orgasm. The vagina is an organ with highly organized sensory end that transmits signals to the brain for stimulation. The LAVet liquid enhances sexual sensitivity and stamina in women and improves a lady’s ability to achieve frequent and more powerful orgasms.


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