1 Package of 20ml (Delivery Included)


LATVET can Now be Purchase and Pay on JUMIA For GH40.

LAVET herbal Liquid strengths pelvic cavity muscles in the pelvic floor, particularly in the female genital. It contracts the vagina comfortably, getting the lady to experience more sexual pleasures and orgasm. The vagina is an organ with a highly organized sensory end that transmits signals to the brain for stimulation. The liquid, therefore, raises progesterone levels in women enhancing sexual sensitivity and stamina and improving your ability to achieve frequent and more powerful orgasms.
If the lady is experiencing any or a combination of the following problems she could be suffering from leucorrhea: Vaginal irritation, vaginal discharge, White discharge, Urinary tract infection, Yellow discharge, etc. Leucorrhea is the inflammation of the mucous membranes which releases a yellowish-white discharge from the female genital tract. It could be due to poor health or unhygienic contact with the genital organ. This white or yellow discharge could be odourless or have a foul smell due to the level of infections. In normal cases, the lady will experience it just before or after menstrual bleeding.

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