Living A Vaginal Infection Free Life Style

LAVET Feminine Hygiene Wash IS NOT LIKE Most of the liquid gels or liquid Soaps that are used to wash the essentials away from the vaginal intimate area.  When LAVET is inserted, it provides a protective barrier over delicate intimate vaginal lining; which reduces any painful irritation, itching or burning sensations. This Feminine Hygiene Wash is very gentle and has natural ingredients to keep a lady safe from imbalances in her delicate vaginal pH which might cause infections.

When (when applied on a cotton ball and) inserted in the morning, must be removed at the end of the day. When inserted before bedtime, must be removed early in the morning.  The application cannot be done in the morning and in the night, but once during the day. After removing the insertion, rinsing the lower vaginal area (with warm water is important to get the womanhood restored with a normal pH level of ~4.5 (in the vagina).  This is essential for a healthy mucosal environment.

A healthy female’s vaginal microbiome is dominated by over fifty species and a good condition of Lactobacilli biofilms greatly help to protect women from sexually transmitted microbes and urinary tract infections.
When Lavet is inserted (in the lower vaginal area) it treats anaerobic bacteria and fungal pathogens from displacing the good vaginal microbiota; thereby sustaining the pH level.

LAVET feminine hygiene wash has therapeutic properties that prevent vaginal infections and irritation. It has effective natural remedies to provide deep healing of the female genital area without doing anything invasive in the process.
With Lavet usage, it is a well-known fact that: Ladies are kept clean and fresh smelling good all day long, while the vaginal pH level is maintained at a healthy level.

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