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Is Daily Vaginal Discharge Normal?

It is normal for a woman’s body to produce a small amount of

clear or white discharge with no odour each day. In normal cases

the lady will experience discharge just before or after menstrual

bleeding.  During the middle of a lady’s menstrual cycle (when her

eggs are released during ovulation) she may notice that the

discharge becomes thinner and stretchy, like the whites of an egg.

The discharge can also become heavier and lighter at various

points throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle.


It is a natural process for fluid to flows out of the vagina each

day (for the purpose of clearing out old cells that have lined the

vagina). This is one of the mechanisms by which a lady’s vagina

health is maintained. Some ladies have daily discharge, while others

experience it less frequently. Discharge in one lady can differ from

another woman.  The amount of discharge can vary as can the odour

and colour (ranging from clear to milky white) depending on the time

of their monthly cycle.


However, there may be certain types of discharge that indicate a sign of an

Infection to a woman. Abnormal discharge can come out looking yellowish or

Greenish and sometimes consisting of some chunks. The vagina sometimes

has a foul smell. Yeast or a bacterial infection can cause abnormal discharge.

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