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Difference between bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection?

  1. One easy way to distinguish between these two conditions is the smell or lack thereof. Discharge from bacterial vaginosis has a distinctive fishy odor, while yeast infection discharge tends to be odorless.
  2. Bacterial vaginosis discharge is also fairly thin, while yeast infection discharge is of a thick consistency.
  3. There is redness and swelling around the vaginal opening when one has a yeast infection.
  4. Having bacterial vaginosis makes you prone to sexually transmitted infections and can affect pregnancy. When a woman has yeast infection, she feels a burning during sex and there is a “fishy” odour that gets stronger after sex or during menstruation (that she experiences).
  5. An overgrowth of one of the kinds of bacteria in a lady’s vagina causes bacterial vaginosis while there is a fungal overgrowth that causes yeast infection.
  6. Many women who have Bacterial vaginosis may not experience noticeable symptoms. However, symptoms such as a thin gray or yellowish green vaginal discharge may be present, beside vaginal itching and a burning sensation during urination.

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